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Online collaboration in transport and logistics

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For freight forwarders

Full visibility of your shipments

With eShipCo, you will manage all your shipments from one central location; send orders to your network of trusted transport partners with just a few clicks; track your cargo in real time and inform your customer about the expected delivery time. This will save a great deal of time, money and stress.

For carriers

Receive orders and pass them on

Avoid empty runs with eShipCo. Receive orders from freight forwarders at one central location and simply send them on to other transport partners. Easily collaborate with self-employed drivers by using the handy eShipCo Web App. Apart from saving time, you will be able to respond to peak demand in a flexible way.

For owner drivers

All orders on a single App

Would you like to receive more orders? Install the free eShipCo Web App on your own device and receive orders from multiple carriers in a single inbox. NB: to participate, you need to be invited by a friendly freight forwarder or carrier on eShipCo.

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