How does eShipCo work?

Harness the power of your network

As a freight forwarder or carrier, you have to cope with peaks and troughs. You need to be flexible if you want to offer continuous service and quality. Using eShipCo, you can easily send orders on to several recipients.

Track your consignments in real time

At any time, eShipCo gives you an insight into the status of your shipment. Phones are no longer needed. The data is automatically forwarded to all those involved in the chain.

Flag opportunities for collaboration

eShipCo makes true collaboration in logistics possible. Not just ‘top-down’ collaboration along the chain, but also mutually among carriers. Because we believe that trucks driving around half empty are a missed opportunity.

Collaborating at peak times

Work with temporary ad hoc contracts to meet peak demand. Or simply establish close partnerships to prevent empty runs. Confidentiality is at the forefront with eShipCo; other operators are not aware of your client’s identity.

Save time, money and stress

Even if a delivery is running late, everyone is always informed. Not only do you save a great deal of time and trouble in the administrative processing, you also keep track. And you can take steps to improve the transport process.

State your requirements for good care

eShipCo helps you by flagging opportunities for cooperation with other carriers. Does an order have specific transport requirements? If this is the case, eShipCo will only put forward companies able to meet these requirements. It’s as simple as that.

Are you ready to collaborate more efficiently?

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Collaborate online with carriers in one place

Receive and give orders in the cloud.


Trimble makes your work easier

eShipCo is an initiative by Trimble Transport & Logistics, a supplier of on-board computers and transport management software. We are familiar with the logistical challenges faced by carriers and freight forwarders. It is our intention to make your work easier with eShipCo. Not only by enabling those in the chain to communicate more easily with one another, but also by showing where things can be done better. We can see that there is much more profit to be made in transport. There is room for so much more efficiency!

Simple integration with your TMS

Your transport management system (TMS) is easy to integrate with eShipCo. The software has been designed to be just as open and simple as other Trimble Transport & Logistics applications. Are you using another brand of on-board computer? In this case, integration is easily achieved too. You will find the necessary information on the integration page.