The more orders, the more attractive the price

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The more orders you enter in eShipCo, the more attractive the price becomes in steps. From 1,20 euro to 15 euro cents per order. According to a tiered pricing system. Only the client ordering the shipment pays, not the operator.

Enter the number of orders you outsource per month and the calculator will work out what you would pay with eShipCo. Simple and quick.


All amounts are in euros and excluding VAT


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 Number of orders per month

Transparency in collaboration and benefits

Only the client pays, not the operator

For freight forwarders

Full visibility of your shipments

  • Pay a fixed amount per order
  • Collaborate with carriers at one central location in the cloud
  • Advise specific transport requirements for each order
  • Track your consignments in real time, through all the links in the chain
  • Inform your customers in good time about the expected time of arrival
  • Work with a network of trusted carriers
  • Save time through reduced administrative operations

For carriers

Receive and pass-on orders

  • Receive orders from freight forwarders at one central location, free of charge
  • Track your cargo in real time via eShipCo
  • Outsource contracts to other carriers
  • Use the handy eShipCo Web App to work ad hoc with your network of self employed drivers
  • Pay a fixed amount per order placed

For owner drivers

All orders on one single App

  • Use the eShipCo Web App completely free of charge
  • Receive orders from carriers in a single inbox
  • Simply use the eShipCo Web App on your own device
  • In order to participate, you need to be invited by a freight forwarder or carrier on eShipCo

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